open thread!

I’m just looking for an excuse to test out my new toy. Plus, open threads are truly open now, thanks to Peter’s plugin (and Pete’s critique). I’m actually 10 episodes into ROD and am enjoying it, though was taken aback at the totally unexpected fan service in episode 9. And you all were right, the OAV was a goofy James Bond prequel that I am glad I watched for backstory but has little bearing on the story thus far. Oh, and I need to add Tekkon Kinkreet to my watchlist. I’ve added that one to my queue on Netflix.

open thread

I’ve decided to disable pingbacks and trackbacks on this blog since the last few of each that I have received were spam. IIRC WordPress adds the rel=”nofollow” tag to links anyway so it’s not like the spammers would get any PageRank boost if they succeeded, but if spammers were smart they’d be productive members of society rather than, well, spammers. I do wish I could separate pingbacks from trackbacks, but WP doesn’t seem to support that. Henceforth, I’ll just rely on Technorati to keep track of who is linking here, as well as my Sitemeter referrals.

On another note, since I have about 40 unique visitors a day, and 20-some registered users, I want to indulge in the self-conceit of an open thread, to try and entice some of the lurkers here to come out and have their say. To those of you reading but not commenting, please treat this as an open thread and weigh in on anything sci-fi or anime related! I value the smallness of this little community and the intimacy of the otakusphere relative to the other ‘spheres out there and would like to encourage more discussion. I am very much interested in what you all are watching, your suggestions for anime or sci-fi, cool links of interest, etc.