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I’m just looking for an excuse to test out my new toy. Plus, open threads are truly open now, thanks to Peter’s plugin (and Pete’s critique). I’m actually 10 episodes into ROD and am enjoying it, though was taken aback at the totally unexpected fan service in episode 9. And you all were right, the OAV was a goofy James Bond prequel that I am glad I watched for backstory but has little bearing on the story thus far. Oh, and I need to add Tekkon Kinkreet to my watchlist. I’ve added that one to my queue on Netflix.

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  1. Glad you like the plugin. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thought I’d leave a comment and see if it was working. By the way, you’re the first blog I’ve read previously to start using MonsterID.

    Just a note, the anti-spam math answer picture didn’t show up for me (Firefox WinXP). I was browsing with javascript off but I turned it back on and still didn’t get anything. Luckily the mp3 version worked.

  2. woah, your monster is awesome! I kinda don’t like mine. I guess I’ll get used to it. I wonder if the function that generates the hash functions identically on different systems, or whether I’d have a different monster on a different blog using it?

    Actually they also use monsterID on (an OpenID gateway for Yahoo users) and my monster there is different, However, my email address is different too. let me log out and leave a comment here with that email to see whether it matches…

  3. OK, here’s my monster:

    does it match the monster on this comment? I won’t know till I click submit, so…

  4. well. guess that answers that 🙂

    oh and Scott I completely missed that you were the plugin author. Kudos! I almost used the geometric one, but decided the monsters were cuter.

  5. ooooh! wonder what monstrosity, I get… whoops, cheated and looked at an old thread… cooooolness.

    I am curious of your take on Tekkon Kinkreet. I saw the advert in the beginning of Paprika and I couldn’t make up my mind if it was going to go on the “buy-me” list or not.

  6. funky arms man!

    it might be a while before I get to TK -its below a pile of stuff for my wife and daughter 🙂 Though that’s fine with me at the moment, as I am not even halfway done with ROD yet. If you have a netflix account, you should grab it, and if you want to review it here I’d love a guest post 🙂

    Incidentally, if you (or anyone else) doesn’t have a netflix account, then you should consider one. It’s almost as good as Blockbuster (the ability to get free rentals in store in exchange is just a killer feature). However, I found the mail service on Blockbuster to be much slower, and also the selection of anime seemed much less comprehensive (though I haven’t done an exhaustive comparison). I am also a Netflix affiliate, so of course I have bias.

  7. I didn’t have anything to do with non-Wordpress plugin implementations of MonsterID so they probably won’t match up. For the plugin, I switched to mt_srand so that the “randomness” would be consistent between servers and make identical monsters. But after seeing mine here didn’t match the one on my blog I did a little digging. Unfortunately, the mt_srand documentation says:

    Since 5.2.1 The Mersenne Twister implementation in PHP now uses a new seeding algorithm by Richard Wagner. Identical seeds no longer produce the same sequence of values they did in previous versions. This behavior is not expected to change again, but it is considered unsafe to rely upon it nonetheless.

    So it looks like I’m going to have to dig around for a new way to keep monsters consistent between servers.

    If you don’t like certain monster parts (although I kind of like your monster), you can just delete them from the parts directory (or add your own parts) although that would mess up the consistency between servers (if I figure out a way to get it working again).

  8. Sorry I was wrestling with the antispam plugin again so you might have duplicate comments from me. Not sure why it doesn’t like me. Was getting the error:

    Error: The anti-spam number is invalid. Please report this error to the webmaster. Go back and refresh the page to re-submit your comment.

    for a while there although it now looks like it may have been taking the comments and just not showing me them. Weird.

  9. Scott, it was probably the link. I should relax my comment moderation settings since the captcha has basically eliminated the problem. BTW, with you being a plugin hacker and all, by any chance would this be something you are interested in? (read to the end)

    Duck, you’re looking rather svelte! Agreed it was pretty jarring. My 5yr old has been watching the odd episode with me (though she gets bored easily) and it was truly fortuitous that she was distracted at that scene 😛 Glad to hear I dont need to be vigilant further.

  10. Ohh, I want a monster! Let’s see what I get…

    Also, I liked the ROD:OVA, but not enough to go out and rent the series right away (there’s a review on my site somewhere)

  11. (Yes, I’m commenting mainly just so I can see my monster.)

    Haven’t seen ROD, although it’s on my list. My current anime kick is Murder Princess. Pretty dumb, but lots of fun, with pretty good action sequences. Significant blood and gore warning (but not the worst I’ve seen, and I generally avoid it). I just started Stellvia. I heard it was really angsty and weepy, but I haven’t seen that through 2 discs. On the contrary, I’ve been impressed so far with how the characters all have issues but a generally positive, determined attitude towards their issues.

  12. I fixed up the plugin with it’s own random number generator so monsters should now be consistent across blogs. Not sure it matters at this point but could be nice if it catches on a bit more. Thanks for the motivation.

  13. Scott, how do I upgrade? I didnt see any notification of a new version link on my plugin panel in wordpress, does your plugin support the new notification system in 2.3?

  14. I’ve been meaning to enter my stuff into the plugin site that feeds the notification system for quite a while. Finally got around to doing that today and now I’m just waiting for them to accept the plugin. Thanks for more motivation. Anyway for now just go to the plugin page and download the zip, unzip and upload (the same as installation but overwriting anything in the way).

  15. well! looks like the monsters reloaded with teh plugin upgrade – and I’m actually pleased, I like my new dude much better. He’s so Mike Wochowski esque!

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