Drastic my Anime

Finally got around to adding Drastic my Anime blog to the blogroll (and the Otakusphere search engine).

I’m increasingly disillusioned with google reader for keeping up to date. Its better than visiting sites manually, but I’d rather have a twitter-based model. I am thinking of setting up a twitter feed dedicated to the same blogs as the Otakusphere search engine (henceforth abbreviated as the OSE). Will work on this and report back when I’ve got something to show…

One thought on “Drastic my Anime”

  1. “I’d rather have a twitter-based model.”

    Wasn’t that what RSS was supposed to be? I guess most people put their full content in their feed (including me) though… still, if you’re in the mood for just post titles, you can probably use one of the google mobile interfaces…


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