Pi Day is March 14th (3/14)

I am geeked out by this – finally, formal recognition for the number pi!

An irrational number that has been calculated to more than 1 trillion digits, pi is a concept not totally foreign to today’s Washington. But in this case, the goal was to promote efforts by the National Science Foundation to improve math education in the United States, especially in the critical fourth to eighth grades.

Rounded off, pi equates to 3.14, hence the designation of March 14 as Pi Day under the resolution. Informal celebrations have been held around the country for at least 20 years, but Thursday’s 391-10 vote is the first time Congress has joined the party.

So who exactly were the ten who voted against? What are they, non-Euclideans or something?

Incidentally, one of my close friends from grad school is actually getting married today. Congratulations, Dustin and Gwen!

2 thoughts on “Pi Day is March 14th (3/14)”

  1. Thanks!

    We actually included Pi on our wedding cake–when I get more settled in I’ll post a link…

  2. dustin, back away from the computer, and pay exclusive attention to your bride on yor honeymoon. Or I will have to find you, and kill you 🙂

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