BSG season 4 spoilers

You know you can’t resist. Original article here; Spoiler summary below the fold.

  • the Final 5 Cylons are a different breed from the skinjobs that attacked the Colonies.
  • The Cylon Centurions mutiny against the skinjobs. Seems they don’t like being slaves under them any more than they liked being slaves under the humans.
  • Stabuck’s viper, seen in the season 3 finale, was totally rebuilt and is a new model. This leads other characters to suspect her of being a Cylon. By implication, though not explicitly stated in the article, that suggests Starbuck is not a figment of Lee’s imagination like Fantasy 6 or Fantasy Baltar.

A previous spoiler sheds some further light on the Centurion mutiny:

Those Centurions have been nothing more than walking/shooting toasters, but apparently it’s not because the Cylons were too dumb to make them as smart (and beautiful) as their humanoid counterparts.

Last week, Media Blvd. shared some tidbits about the upcoming fourth season of “Battlestar Galactica” talking about how the Centurions never evolved much because the human Cylons built in inhibitors that prevented higher brain function.