road trip!

Can’t take government services for granted: driving to Wisconsin Rapids to get a SSN card for the baby today. Will be an adventure in patience.

UPDATE: back. pretty easy jaunt, about 36 miles and 45 minutes each way. For perspective, that’s like driving from Dickinson to Houston and back. Except this was almost entirely on county roads. Google’s suggested route turned out to be no timesaver; I came back the simpler way, a straight shot up Route 13. I’m glad I took different routes there and back, though – I need to develop my geographic intuition for this region a bit more. Note to self: don’t rely on the lettered county roads to be continuous.

Scarily, though I was careful to pack a freezer bag with a bottle of breastmilk along, I’d forgotten to take the nipple cap. Luckily she slept the entire time. She’s still asleep in fact. Strike that… she’s waking up. diaper and feeding time.