This is the Way of the Faithful (Miriel and Elendil)

Elendil – You’re doing well.

Queen Miriel – Patronize me like that again, Captain, and I’ll have your ship.

Elendil – (slight smile) Come then. I have you.

Queen Miriel – And who has you?

Elendil – (hardens gaze)

Queen Miriel – Given your loss, I would understand it if, upon our return, you wish to take a leave of duty.

Elendil – You once asked me why I pulled Galadriel from the sea. I claimed to have had little choice. But the truth is, I could have left her there. Could have refused to follow her to Middle-Earth. Or stopped my son from doing so. Yet, at every turn, I made the choices I did because…

Queen Miriel – Why, Elendil?

Elendil – Because “Elendil” does not merely mean “one who loves the stars.” I just never imagined it would lead here.

Queen Miriel – (breath trembling) My father once told me, that the way of the Faithful is committing to pay the price… even if the cost cannot be known. And trusting that, in the end, it will be worth it.

Elendil – (whispering) Sometimes the cost is dear.

Queen Miriel – (sighs) It is.

Elendil – We have little choice then but to keep serving. And I, for one, will see to it that we make the end worth the price.

Queen Miriel – Come what may?

Elendil – Come what may.