Mastodon migration

I’ve had a Mastodon account for four years but barely used it until now. The truth is that Twitter has been increasingly unusable well before Elon Musk, or even Trump, entered the fray. Of course, those two exacerbated the problems in their own ways. I was long overdue to get things setup and I intend to use Mastodon as my primary social media driver from now on. I will still visit Twitter to consume content, but it’s time to leave for greener pastures when it comes to creating content. It’s fun, too – like being on Twitter in year 5 or so. You can actually interact with celebrities and people and it doesn’t feel like a huge public square but more of a large-ish dinner party where you mingle randomly and get surprised by who you run into.

Interested in making the leap? I’m – see you there 🙂

Unsure where to start or just want to know more? Start at