I was out of town this weekend, to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday in Chicago with my parents, so I figured that I’d throw a fun post up on the blog for you all to enjoy. Unfortunately, Akismet seems to have decided to stage a coup in my absence and tried to eat everyone’s comments, which seriously blunted what would have been a really fun thread. I just returned home and found Akismet drooling like Smaug over its hoarded commentary, loath to release them until I forced it to my will. Maybe it’s time to look at serious spamtrap alternatives.

In the meantime, how about that wacky telescope thingy, eh? (sigh). I know. Thread’s dead, baby.

2 thoughts on “apologies”

  1. Thread’s dead, maybe, but who cares? You got mentioned on the New York Time’s website! Congrats!

    All newcomers — watch Haibane Renmei ASAP. You’ll be happy you did 🙂

  2. woah. 1000 hits in one day! I didn’t even know until you mentioned it. Um, hi there, everyone. I think I’ll avoid temptation to put up a cheesy “hi new readers” post and just do my thing as usual. But it would be great if some new readers stuck around, tagged posts, commented, etc.

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