The Telectroscope

A while back, I mentioned the coast-to-coast Burrito Tunnel. Now comes word of a new tunnel, the Telectroscope, connecting New York and London:

The telectroscope, a looking-glass tunnel connecting New York and London has been completed at last, over 100 years after it was abandoned. The tunnel, which starts in Brooklyn, was designed and partly executed by late 1800s inventor Alexander Stanhope St. George. A series of mirrors, cameras and a large underground tunnel, connects the two cities.

More details at the New York Times (seriously). The telectroscope goes live on June 15th. Some photos of the terminal ends in London and New York:

3 thoughts on “The Telectroscope”

  1. I can’t figure this business out. My best theory is that it’s viral marketing for a movie, but it’s possible it’s just a plain hoax. It’s bizarre that big media outlets are giving it publicity, though.

    (I hope I don’t have to explain why I don’t believe it’s genuine.)

  2. Actualy, it looks like it goes live UNTIL June 15th. Better hurry if there’s someone in London you want to look at.

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