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I have to agree with Author that fanservice is a term whose definition brooks no hijacking. The examples he gives of others abusing the term might better be phrased as “brainservice” and “engineerservice”, respectively. Pedantically, it’s [thing whose base needs is being serviced]-service. This is why I invented geekservice as a term; I think the song “it’s good to be a geek” is disturbingly accurate in it’s exploration of the primal forces that truly motivate our kind:

Belonging to multiple categories myself (geek, fan, intellectual, etc) I may be catered by various types of -services in different contexts. For the most part I tend to refrain from fanservice, though with my Ranma viewing entering season 5, I’ve pretty much caught up on my quota.

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  1. Just wait for the Ranma OVAs. Everyone\’s falling out of their shirts, taking showers, disobeying laws of gravity, wearing shorts that don\’t fit….

    Avoid the 2nd movie, unless you wish to ruin your whole annual quota in an hour.

  2. I see “fan service” as meaning “pandering” — which a strong implication that it’s about sex.

    But there’s precedent for using it the way Pete is (objecting to) using it. Consider the term “gun porn”, which has come to refer to bloggers posting pictures of guns.

  3. I think it’s always clear that the use such as “airplane porn” is an extension and does not aspire to be recognized as part of core definition for fanservice. And it usually has erotic connotations.

  4. So – though obviously trying to change meanings after the fact is very difficult – fanservice in the Ranma 1/2 sense of the term is more like (taking a guess at a term) ‘eroservice’?

  5. I actually watched the OVAS already while waiting to acquire seasons 5 and 6 from torrent. I have to concede that Akane has filled out quite nicely. I notice that they make a lot of effort to preserve Akane’s modesty, whereas Shampoo isn’t treated with the same… reverence? And Ranma is exposed routinely. Interestingly, Ukyo has been accorded the same treatment as Akane, in fact even more so, making me wonder if she’s being setup as the primary rival. I’d say that Akane is fanservice and Ranma/Shampoo are outright hentai.

    The tunnel of love episode in the OVA was just… the… BEST. I will have to rewatch that and do a post of screenshots.

  6. I always thought that Ukyo was the only other girl who was a serious rival. Ranma’s a jerk for stringing Shampoo along (unless he’s just afraid she’ll literally kill him) and Kodachi’s just insane. Ranma actually likes Ukyo and she’s a legitimate friend.

    The OVAs are mixed, but my favorite is still the demon possessed Kasumi episode.

  7. Agreed, Ukyo is in my mind still a serious rival to Shampoo – but neither to Akane 🙂 As I go through Season 5 I am noticing that Ranma genuinely just doesn’t have any affection for the others beyond camraderie. With Akane he is hyper-protective, often masked behind bravado (“hey clumsy girl, you can’t do it, let me handle it”). Akane has fallen hard for him though, pretty much since the first skating contest. (yes, theres a second. shudder).

    I was excited about the Ryoga-Ukyo alliance in the OVA, that was misinterpreted by Akane/Ranma). In Season 5 though they team up too (technically the 1st time). I think the two of them would be a great pair but clearly (given my fore-knowledge of the OVA) nothing significant occurs. Though that doesnt mean nothing will occur..

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