Twitter needs “mark User as read”

I was somewhat bemused by the new service that lets you put Twitter friends on “snooze”. The idea is that if someone is very prolific (ahem @Scobleizer, ahem) then you may want to take a break from their updates for a while. While it is certainly true that some users drown out others in your stream by sheer volume of tweets alone, I think that “snoozing” them is the wrong approach, because you are missing out on data. What would be more useful would be the ability to mark all tweets from a specific user as “read” analogous to how you mark emails in your inbox as read. This would have the effect of hiding all posts from that user dated prior to the time you marked them as read. That way the Twitterers you follow who do not update as often can be rescued from the stream, because as you mark the more prolific users read, they are left behind.

This might be more appropriate as a Greasemonkey script actually. Regardless of how it is implemented, it would make following hundreds or thousands of other people much more manageable. or even two Scobles.