BSG Season 4 starts tonight

so say we all! Tonight’s episode is titled “He That Believeth in Me”. Promotional screenshot:

BSG Season 4 Episode 1

Spoilers at the Battlestar Wiki. Any predictions on what happens tonight?

Somewhat relatedly, AICN has a character cast list for the Caprica movie pilot. The most interesting character? spoiler below the fold…

ZOE GRAYSTONE, Daniel’s 16-year-old daughter, dies in a suicide bombing. Daniel learns that Zoe – like iconic “Twin Peaks” dead teenager Laura Palmer – had many secrets. For one thing was a closeted monotheist! For another, she was even more of a technological genius than daddy Daniel, and succeeded in secretly uploading her personality and DNA into a holographic avatar. Daniel comes to combine the Zoe avatar with stolen technology to create the first Cylon, “a robotic version of his dead daughter.”


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  1. Heh. You’re welcome 🙂

    I grabbed the torrent last night, but thismorning awoke to find four new ones all of better quality. Think I’ll snarf the HDTV version since I wont get around to watching it until tonight anyway.

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