Ranma disc 2

Steven and I are eerily in sync on Ranma. I just finished the Martial Arts Gymnastics arc yesterday. In a nutshell, what he said, especially about the telegraphed (spoiler) plot development. Still, while Kodachi was a waste of screen time (imagine Greta from Sugar, but without any of the redeeming qualities, and a violent streak), I had to admit that the development of the love “hypercube” (as SDB put it) was fascinating. Oh, and the conversation of the St. Hebereke gymnastics team while, ahem, under cover, was hilarious.

I still don’t quite get why Ranma doesn’t expose Ryoga, but I suppose this will become more clear.

3 thoughts on “Ranma disc 2”

  1. Ranma doesn’t out Ryoga because he said he wouldn’t. He said it to himself, not out loud, and he said it when he thought Ryoga was the dog, but his word is his bond even if no one else ever knows about it and that’s why he doesn’t out Ryoga.

    Oh, also because it’s more funny if he’s bound in that way, and if Akane doesn’t know. (And, apparently, is too dim to figure it out.)

  2. hmm. it seemed that he was prepared to out Ryoga while P-chan was in Akane’s bed, though 🙂 Perhaps that is evidence of his growing love for Akane, that he is tempted to break his word out of jealousy. I wonder whether that tension between his honor and his jealousy gets developed further downstream?

  3. I didn’t see any sign of it in the part of the second series I watched. Most of that kind of romantic tension gets massively deemphasized after the end of the first series.

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