It was horrible. I suffered through the entire first episode, and even gave the OAV five minutes. What’s wrong with it? The overall style reminded me of cheesy Bollywood flicks from the 70s. There’s way too much gratuitous nudity of underage girls played for laughs (and the same gag, mind you, not even a new one). Not a single character has any meaningfully distinctive personality, apart from the lead girl who is described as “sweet, but violent” and hates boys. I already know how the series will end. The Chinese were drawn with the most atrocious stereotype of pursed lips and wide eyes that I’ve ever seen. I could go on, but I’m done.

4 thoughts on “Ranma”

  1. That series was made 20 years ago. Back then those jokes were new.

    And as to knowing “how the series will end”, it didn’t, really. 161 episodes and I don’t think it wrapped up the story. (Assuming there was one; I think it was mostly day-in-the-life.)

    And Akane may well be the character which all other tsundere’s copied.

  2. wow. I knew it was an old one but had no idea it was 20 years ago. Anime has come a long way indeed.

    Still, it’s worth noting that Robotech and Akira both were twenty years ago too. I guess I am spoiled, but the animation quality of Ranma was .. cartoonish.

    I can forgive the plot’s clumsiness though, once taking the age into account. Still, I just couldn’t force myself to sit through it.

    and 161 eps without a resolution? I am glad I jumped off that train. I like characters to evolve if I’m going on a journey with them.

  3. Not even the Manga ends like you assume it will. That being the case, give it a few episodes before you give up — anyone would be hard pressed to say the characters are undistinguished.

    The nudity tends to take a back seat after the first year (except the OAVs, which were always mixed for me), and even after the first few episodes it’s less of a running gag to catch Ranma in the buff.

    As for the quality, it looks like a Saturday morning cartoon because that’s pretty much what it was. It may not shine next to current series, but it’s a classic for a reason.

  4. I probably was overly harsh above. Steven’s comment motivated me to wikpedia it and I can see how the characters are the forerunners of modern anime characters (plus I learned a new word, tsundere). But I think I have plenty other anime to watch before going back to Ranma.

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