a $1.3 billion raincheck

That’s what the Nintendo Wii shortage will cost Nintendo in lost opportunity sales this holiday season. As Engagdet notes, this is basically the rebuttal to the common refrain:

WiiGuy: The Wii rocks, Nintendo can’t produce enough!
H8r: They’re artificially limiting supply to drive up demand
WiiGuy: No they’re not
H8r: You’re a fanboi
WiiGuy: No you are!

Nintendo isn’t going to just walk away from the table, though. They just announced a raincheck program through GameStop to try and capture some of that revenue back:

These vouchers will guarantee you a system before January 29, but to get one, you’ll have to prepay for the system in full. Reggie noted there will be “tens of thousands” of these rain checks available, and that we could expect a press release from GameStop explaining the program in greater detail. The vouchers will be sold on December 20 and 21.

One other nugget of timely importance: this weekend there will be extra large shipments of Wiis to retailers. If you’re in the market for one, now’s the time to put your plan on finding a Wii into action!

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  1. My employer gave out *two* Wiis as door prizes at the annual Christmas party.

    I didn’t win one.


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