Wii are #1!

The Nintendo Wii is officially the world’s best-selling console:

The Financial Times is reporting that the Nintendo Wii is now the number one selling console in the world, even though the Xbox 360 enjoyed a full year head start. Based on sales data from the NPD Group, Enterbrain, and GfK, here is how the console sales break down:

  • Nintendo Wii: 9 million units
  • Xbox 360: 8.9 million units
  • Playstation 3: 3.7 million units

Meanwhile, the Wii Zapper is coming out soon, bundled with a Zelda minigame that lets you use it for crossbow practice. But all of this is just the appetizer for when the online multiplayer lightsaber game arrives, someday…

Nintendo Wii Zapper

2 thoughts on “Wii are #1!”

  1. I wonder how that stacks up against the playstation 2. I remember looking at the sales for the 2006 holiday season and the PS2 outsold all the next gen systems combined…

  2. I am pretty sure that the PS2 numbers blow all these away. I wouldn’t be surprised if the PS2 sales are higher than all the numbers of the nextgen systems combined. It’s a good point Mark, they shoudl have mentioned it in the article for context. If I see it mentioned I’ll post about it, now I’m curious too.

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