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Hardware revisions for the Wii are planned to roll out fairly soon:

multicolored WiiThe obvious things that Nintendo would do to make the Wii more attractive are add new colors, increase its internal flash memory, include rechargeable batteries for Wii Remotes and component cables. There isn’t much merit to making the console any slimmer or lighter, and high definition support isn’t likely to happen.

The Wii is attaining mass-market appeal, much like the iPod. It may only be a matter of time before Nintendo adopts Apple’s hardware redesign strategy.

Note that DVD support is already confirmed for the end of the present year, though probably at a slight price premium. That will certainly make things more convenient but it’s hardly a must-have feature. Unlike, say, the retro-themed Wii:

retro Wii

yum. The last game console I actually ever owned was in fact the original Nintendo. Alas, the above mod is just fan art, but it’s seriously cool enough that Nintendo better take notice.