Aziz no Tabi

OK, settling in for the night in Baton Rouge. I’d have loved to have an excuse to visit Don, but that route would have been hundreds of miles out of the way. We’re gonna head up straight through Mississippi to Memphis via I-10/12/55, then cut across Tennessee on I-40, and then take I-65 up through Kentucky and Indiana on our way to Chicago and Wisconsin beyond. Do visit my Twitter for real-time updates from the road. Yes, I know I shouldn’t Twitter and drive, esp while driving a 26ft truck and trailer…

3 thoughts on “Aziz no Tabi”

  1. I see by your twitter you passed within about an hour of me. Hopefully you beat the nasty weather that is currently pounding us – raining like cats and dogs now.

  2. Well, I see that you actually stopped in Lafayette, LA for a bit. Ah well, if I had read about this trip earlier and was thinking clearer, we could have met up at that Cracker Barrel. Ah well, at least it looks like you had a good trip.

  3. Astro, we skirted the edge of that rain as I recall, but overall KY was beautiful country. It reminded me of new england for some odd reason, and not just because of the place names.

    Nick, I think we didnt have any idea how far we would get that first day – we ended up leaving texas quite late, around 4pm instead of the earlier 1pm start I had hoped for. But in principle, my twittering would have let us plan on the fly; that was what was so cool about it. I wish I’d hadthe idea to twitter in real time earlier; I’d have put more emphasis on getting people to check it out. As it was, most people who i sent the link to didnt read it until after I had arrived.

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