Aziz’s journey

I spent the entire week packing all our possessions into boxes large and small. Tomorrow morning I will pick up a 26ft truck and tow attachment for our small car, and start loading all the detritus of our life here in Dickinson, Texas the past 9 years. Sunday afternoon I will hit the road, and arrive in Marshfield, WI hopefully by Wednesday.

It’s a strange thing, leaving a life behind. The past decade I have grown as a person in every possible way; I’ve picked up a doctorate, my wife picked up two (Pharm D and MD. Both count 🙂 We’ve had two kids, I’ve started a few blogs, and grew a crop of white hair. I’ve got those Reed Richards-esque stripes on both sides now.

In Wisconsin, our life promises to be totally different. Slow rather than fast, stationary rather than always in motion. I am genuinely excited, even the tinge of fear of change just serves to enhance my anticipation.

But first I’ve got to get there. Actually, first I’ve got to load that bloody truck. Tomorrow is going to suck a lot worse than this whole week, cumulative. But then it’s open road… and I’ll be “blogging” the trip via Twitter, so do keep tabs on me Sunday through Wednesday, at if you like. Those of you with my cell phone number, do ping me to keep me awake on the road, while you’re at it 🙂

Let’s see where this goes.

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