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along the lines of my earlier post about sci fi, I am also interested in soliciting recommedations for cheap, preferably indie, games. I’ve claimed to be a console snob in the past (even though my Wii is only the second console I’ve ever owned – the previous one being the original Nintendo) but given that recent events have compelled me to build a machine capable of reasonably modern gaming, I’m willing to broaden my horizons. Here are some of the games I want to try out:

Portal. This just seems an obvious game to pick up. I assume the PC version is the only version there is? Is there a way to get this without Steam?
World of Goo. I hear this is available as a PC version and also on WiiWare – I am leaning towards the latter because I have also heard it’s multiplayer on Wii. This would be one I really would want to play with my daughter.
The Path. Shamus just reviewed this and it looks fascinatingly non-linear.
Myst. Yup, not exactly indie, nor new. But I hear its been released as a full graphic environment rather than the static screens, and on a single DVD instead of several CDs. It might be worth a try to play again. I still would prefer to play it as an in-Warcraft zone, but that will never happen. I also want to get the sequel, Riven, if available in same format, as I do have the original and gave up on it because the hassle of swapping discs became a serious impediment to play.

The general, non-ironclad guidelines I have for what i’m looking for are, 1. cheap ($15 or less), 2. simple (you sit down, you play. Not Warcraft) and 3. innovative (I’m not really interested in running around killing things). If a game is suitable for me to play with my daughter, thats bonus. Also if it is available on Wiiware, thats another plus.

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  1. Actually, I would recommend Warcraft, rather than WoW. You can find a Battle Chest with W3 with TFT for $30 (that’s $15 each) or the Starcraft Battle Chest with the expansion for $20 ($10 each).

  2. i dnno, im just not interested in the god’s eye view. that kind of mass strategy game isnt really my cup of tea.

    what i really miss are the space flight sims. Tie Fighter still ranks in my mind as the best game i ever played. Of course the games are unplayable now, unless i run them in a linux window running Wine running VM ware running mac os running Parallels.

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