Osamu Tezuka

There’s a lengthy, detailed write-up at AICN on the DVD release of The Astonishing Work of Tezuka Osamu, who was one of the early pioneers of Japanese animation and manga, whose experimental short features really pushed the boundaries of art and expression. His work was clearly one of the major influences for most of the major players in anime today – Miyazaki’s constant naturalistic themes were likely influenced by Tezuka’s Legend of the Forest, for example, wich is on the DVD along with 12 other short works that span the full range of Tezuka’s career.

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  1. Tezuka, Takahashi, and Toriyama are the gods of the field that between them have made it was it is today. Virtually every mangaka and anime in the industry trods on a path originally blazed by one of those three.

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