search traffic

According to Google Analytics, over half my traffic comes from google searches, and 70% of my readers are first-time visitors. The referral logs are fascinating, in that these searches really reflect the eclectic mix of topics I blog about here. Here are some particular cool search strings I’ve noticed:

I’m also seeing a lot of traffic related to The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard.

Overall, I think I’m doing a good job at giving equal time to all my various interests. The roblem is that there are so many that I can’t give detailed attention to any single one 🙂 That category list just seems to keep growing. I am satisfied though – even though I like having a regular stable of returning readership, I also find it gratifying somehow that a lot of what I write isn’t scrolling off the page to oblivion, but actually does get found by someone who, for that particular moment in time, was interested in precisely that topic and nothing else. I try to keep my blogging rooted in what I want rather than what I think my readers want, and the google traffic predominance really helps give me that freedom from temptation. It’s a nice balance, one that is sorely lacking from my other blogs.