Diet Coke Plus

sspx0343.jpgSlashfood reviews the new Diet Coke Plus, which is essentially Diet Coke with a few vitamin and minerals added. Specifically, Niacin (PDV 25%), B6 (25%), B12 (25%), Magnesium (15%), and Zinc (15%). This appears to be a craven ploy on the part of Coke to make Diet Coke drinkers feel better about all the phenylketonurics. Personally, I favor Diet Coke with Splenda, though as an aside I completely failed a taste test a few months ago between DC/Splenda and Coke Zero. So who the heck knows why I drink what I do or what my real taste preferences are. I am more a poseur than a connoiseur, but whatever; my goal is to indulge in brand loyalty, and get my caffeine without the sugar load. Given that they were giving boxes of DC+ away with purchase of a regular 12 pack of Diet Coke (which I secretly swapped for DC/Splenda), I figured there was no downside to trying this new stuff out.


tastes pretty much exactly like DC. (yes, as mentioned above, I failed a taste test between Coke Zero and DC/Splenda, so your mileage is almost guaranteed to vary). No chalky aftertaste that I could detect, and overall far better than the crazy metallic tinge you get from drinks like Red Bull or Rockstar. What next, Taurine-enhanced Diet Coke? Maybe. At any rate, if you are drinking DC anyway, then you might as well go for the DC+. I think I will pass, though.