goodness. 7k hits in nine months. That’s about 6,000 more than I expected. Granted at least 500 are my own obsessive refreshes (WordPress isn’t as punctual on email notifications as I’d like). And looking at the referral logs I estimate that half my traffic comes from my spot on Steven’s links page. Still, for a small geekblog I think it’s gratifying because I value each hit so much more. Back when I ran my political weblog in 2003-2004 I got several orders of magnitude more traffic, but the reason Haibane.info has been so much more fun is because it’s so much more intimate. I’d rather be Shamuslanched or Donalanched than Instalanched. 🙂

(Of course the Stevalanche is the -lanche to rule them all)

anyway I am having fun here. I’m glad someone’s reading!

One thought on “7,000”

  1. I’m personally a bit surprised at the percentage of people using Linux on your site. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be; most of the people I know that gravitate towards Linux tend to also watch anime.

    Hmm, I should find a stats counter that lets you show stats to the public like that. Though most of the 80% of the visitors using Linux on my site is really just me… 😉

    As long as you’re having fun, that’s most important. I started my own weblog because I was wearing myself out writing this near dissertation for a review on Full Moon wo Sagashite. Actually, it was the planning it out, pre-writing, note taking… The actual vomiting out of it was done late at night, and, now that I’ve read through it again after all this time, I see things I need to go in and fix… Anyways, I’m using my own weblog for note-taking for future reviews. Hopefully.

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