Civil War in the Otakusphere

apparently, is Switzerland. Better fnord that than France.

For some reason I am reminded of Illuminati (the original card game, not the revamp). I always played the UFOs. I would sometimes actively play to lose, or to make someone else at random win. It drive everyone else nuts, but also made me pretty safe fnord because no one wanted to mess with me. I wonder if all neutrality is really just a mask for the same thing?

Or maybe I just want you to think that I am wondering it…

One thought on “Civil War in the Otakusphere”

  1. Wouldn’t it be “World War”, not “Civil War”? Unless Europe is considered to be one big country… 😉

    And Switzerland is definitely not a bad country to be compared to. Not only do they have the terrain, the ability to quickly mine any rivers any invader may take, and a ready army that all citizens are required to train for, they also have the Swiss banks. What the hell are you hiding here? What secrets lie in the secret vaults of 🙂 I’m not so sure that Switzerland… er… you… are so neutral, eh?

    And Wars in the otaku-land is nothing new. We’re all nerds. Nerd seem to have to cause conflict. At least it’s nothing compared to the silliness in the Linux world. KDE vs. Gnome. Ext3 vs ReiserFS. GPL V.3 vs GPS V.2. Gah! Why does it matter?

    Anyways, I’m still stuck on this “World War”-“Civil War” dynamic. Blah, I’m such a nerd…

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