also makes Julienne fries

MacBook owners rejoice!

cooking an egg with a macbook1. Get a macbook and turn it over so the screens over the edge of your desk/counter (shown in picture)

2. Run your favorite process intensive program to get it to heat up

3 Some tinfoil on uper left part of the laptops underside (the hottest part of the macbook

4. Put your cup of coffee on the power supply to keep it warm

5. Cook your egg on the tinfoil, it will take longer than normal

6. Enjoy your breakfast

I suppose this is part of the value-add of the black casing. Should I be envious?

3 thoughts on “also makes Julienne fries”

  1. Does it work on the metal MacBook Pros as well? It’s gets hot enough to burn my hands just typing on the keyboard, but won’t the keys and track-pad get pressed when it’s lying face down like that?

  2. In my experience (which is not much), the MacBook Pros run even hotter, so you should be fine:P Seriously, this is one major reason I won’t be buying a Macbook (or Pro) unless they fix the heat issue at some point.

  3. That was a funny read. I have a Dell and it works just fine, although the feel of the keys might not please everybody. 😀

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