Last Exile

I am definitely adding this to my List. Shamus posted some screengrabs and they remind me of Myst, brought to life. There’s an over-exposed quality to the artwork that adds a layer of both realism and fantasy at the same time. He found the ending to be unsatisfying, but maybe this is one of those anime where the story just takes a backseat to the craftsmanship.

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  1. I admit I experienced serious WTF at the ending the first time I watched it through. Even so, I bought the thinpak set. I’m glad I did. The second time through, the ending was more satisfying and the plot threads started to come together more for me. I wouldn’t say this is the tightest story line, but it is one of those series that rewards repeated viewings. And the flying continues to thrill me — the screengrabs don’t do justice to the experience. I’m glad I bought it.

  2. I went looking on YouTube but didn’t find much – too low quality. The main problem I have is that I don’t have much free time, and buying a title is a major investment for me, so there’s high risk. I am sure that I will enjoy Last Exile but there’s some hesitation with respect to cost (how much did you pay for the thinpak, if you don’t mind my asking, and from where?)

    Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and sign up for NetFlix…

  3. If you’re looking for a sense of how it looks, try . That’s the website for the series; I’d give you a direct link to it, but the site is all flash. Under Movie they have a number of .ram movies of the series; your best bet is probably the one labeled [ ダイジェスト MOVIE ]. It’s about ten minutes of clips taken from the early part of the series; mostly flying scenes and fleet combat.

    That said, it’s not DVD-quality. If you must see it in its full glory, there are a couple of AMVs which will give you an idea of the flying scenes, and had DVD sources. Your best bet here is probably Kusoyaro’s video (; no spoilers, and a good quality look at the series.

    In any case, Last Exile won’t disappoint your eyes. The ending is somewhat muddled, but it is an undeniably _pretty_ series.

  4. It’s been a while, but as I recall I paid about $90 at Fry’s. It is a lot to spend on a unknown. I saw it first from the library, and I wouldn’t have bought it sight-unseen either. Netflix isn’t a bad way to get a taste of series. If you get the 1 disk at a time option, you can end up sampling series for about $2 a disk. I did that (although I have to alternate with my wife’s romantic comedies).

    I’ve seen sevaral Kusoyaro AMV’s, and they’re always really good captures. I haven’t seen the Last Exile one, but I imagine it’s good too.

  5. The show is beautifully done, GONZO really put their hearts into it.

    The story varies from the whimsical to ever so dark. The ending is not a take your breath away ending, but it is not a kick your screen and cuss ending like Evangelion or BeeBop, Or Big “O” or……

    ….and unlike some shows it DOES have an ending that wraps up most loose ends. I did not feel robbed.

    It’s pretty and has likeable charachters.


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