Bit the bullet and enabled the Akismet plugin. In the last week the number of comment spams I have received has gone up drastically.

Why can’t WordPress just give me the option to restrict commenting ability to registered users?

2 thoughts on “Akismet”

  1. Go to the admin panel. Click on “Options”. Under membership there are 2 checkboxes:

    * Anyone can register
    * Users must be registered and logged in to comment

    Check them both and non-registered people can’t comment.

  2. both are checked already – what I can’t figure out is how spambots are able to leave comments anyway. I checked my user list, but there are no spam accounts registered. I was debating un-checking the “Anyone can register” box, in which case any time a new reader wanted to leave comments theyd have to be moderated first. But that I feel would inhibit people from leaving comments at all.

    I think I need to find a good captcha plugin. I am worried though about compatibility with the AJAXified comment system that comes with K2.

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