Galactica season 3 clue

AICN has a tidbit about a cast opening for Galactica’s third season:

ROLE AVAILABLE: Lt. Novacek: 45 – 55, a career military pilot, physically fit, a man’s man, but speaks in a comfortable, uncensored style, all jocular manhood with a hint of sentimentality. Novacek was a stealth pilot who worked several missions with Adama (Edward James Olmos) in the years leading up to the Cylon attack. His last mission led to his capture and imprisonment by the Cylons. Upon escaping his POW cell, he finds the Galactica, reuniting with his old comrade – only to discover an ugly truth about what really happened that last, fateful day when his ship went down and what dark secret Adama’s been carrying all these years. Meanwhile, we’re compelled to wonder whether Novacek might in some way be a pawn of the Cylons, having returned only to sow the seeds of discontent within the Colonial Fleet. GUEST STAR

Adama has a dark secret? Espionage against the Cylons? ADAR KNEW!

In other news, a former Buffy: The Vampire Slayer writer (Jane Espenson) is also joining the writing team. As AICN notes, Espenson specializes in robots.