Dell XPS M1210

Andrew at NotebookReview has a review of the much-anticipated XPS M1210 laptop from Dell. This 12″ laptop is a truly impressive unit, from both perspectives of performance and design. Some of the highlights compared to the old Inspiron 700/710m models that it replaces:

– higher resolution screen (1280×800 rather than the 1024×780 that is standard for most 12″ models)
– option for dedicated graphics (GeForce Go 7400)
– integrated rotating webcam with directional microphone
– full connectivity suite, including Bluetooth and EVDO
– long battery life (claimed up to 7 hours, but Notebook Review estimates up to 4.5 which is impressive)
– Media Direct quick boot to play movies, music and view photos

As Andrew points out, despite the small screen the M1210 isn’t an ultralight laptop – with all the bells and whistles it weighs almost as much as my 14″ T42 (just under 5 pounds). But the laptop really is an all-around performer – small enough for comfortable travel, powerful enough for any computing tasks and media playback, and robust design build with cool yet professional styling. This thing would be at home on your desktop or as your travel box.