Shingu OP

pace Steven, but I agree – I liked the Shingu OP, too. Agree that the visuals don’t tell us much about the story, but given all the revelations that occurred maybe that was for the best. Anyway, we do spend most of the series at the school, so it was apropos in that respect.

However, I admit I tended to skip past it because I was too impatient to get on with the story. Too good, yaar.

Shingu fin

I finished Shingu a few days ago. I am entranced. I have to agree with Steven, this series is top-shelf. The length of it makes a rewatch somewhat unlikely though, but I am going to read Steven’s TMW and then make a final post on my own thoughts overall.

I stitched this poster together out of separate screencaps, since the camera was panning over it:



“Stop staring at those flowers! it’s creepy!”

more spoilerish screencaps below the fold.

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