2 thoughts on “Shingu 15”

  1. So, are you in love with Nayuta yet? She’s quite a girl. (I hope you’ve been watching it with the Japanese soundtrack, because that seiyuu did an amazing job in the part.)

  2. yes, hopelessly. She’s my favorite character, and no one else even comes close (though as seconds, jiltosh and setsuna compete 🙂

    I kinda share Kyoichi’s revulsion of Muryou. And to be honest Hajime is just boring. The only good thing about Hajime in my mind is how he occasionally goes meta. (looks like he gets it from his dad)

    I do have subtitles turned on, but for some reason the japanese dialouge doesn’t activate as it should, so I am getting dual-english. Which is interesting; there are some deviations that are subtle but I think significant. The Japanese translation, subbed, is more angsty and tries to insinuate more interpersonal conflict and emotion.

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