socialists and zombies

strange musing I had about an allegorical film where zombies attack a town in the usual fashion, and are killed doff by shotguns by the usual rouugh types, but for some reason everyone in the film never uses the word “zombies”, instead they call them “socialists” – and instead of brains, the zombies go looking for wallets. The shotgun-wielders all have cool names like Galt and Laffer and they name their shotguns things like Chicago School and Trickle Down.

In a flashback, we can see the origin of the zombies – a virus caught by ordinary folk who are sitting around in a poost-apocalyptic landscape (quite different from the clean rural chic of the heroes’ home towns), unemployed and ill, gathered around the iconic television on fire from the original Terminator movie.

At the end, the small band of heroes is surrounded by the zombies (er, socialists) in an old farm, and all looks lost when all of a sudden the calvalry, dressed in crisp trenchcoats, white gloves and black boots, comes swarming in from out of town and smashes the zombies into pulp with truncheons. Then they usher the grateful citizenry towards their nearby semi-trailer for a hot shower. Credits.