not that there’s anything wrong with that

Riffing off Crusader’s post decrying excessive ecchi, Steven ruminates on fan service and puritanism:

Seriously: I have to wonder whether some of this publicly expressed revulsion is externalized revulsion at the realization that deep down, a part of them is liking what they’re seeing. Many of the most militant Puritans, historical or modern, condemn temptation in others because they feel tempted themselves and refuse to admit it.

I have no doubt that some of the publically expressed revulsion towards fan service may be a closet temptation reflex, but it should be noted that some is not. In my case, looking at animated naked women doesn’t do that much for me. Plus, having two daughters also colors my views. I simply avoid fanservice-laden titles, and don’t really concern myself whether there is too much or not. I’ve got a watchlist a mile long and it’s managed to stay almost entirely fanservice-free. It’s not hard.

As Steven points out, the market caters to what people want, of course. But since there’s a lot of anime out there that is worth watching and which isn’t full of ecchi, one must conclude that this too is what (some) people want. I’ll probably never watch Najica Blitz Tactics, but that’s ok since it gives me time to try out Moyashimon and Glass Fleet. And if someday the fanservice quotient in anime becomes too high, then there’s plenty else to keep me occupied. I’ve still got to eventually work my way through Farscape, Red Dwarf, etc. I haven’t felt any angst about 2007 being a bad or good year for anime because on the whole I can’t consume it nearly fast enough to matter. As time goes on the backlog will only grow. If anything, applying a no-fanservice filter to my anime has really made anime a manageable hobby!