Amazon to Consider Phlebas

Deadline has the scoop:

EXCLUSIVE: Iain M. Banks’ classic sci-fi Culture book series is headed to television. Amazon Studios has acquired the global TV rights to the first novel in the series, Consider Phlebas, with Utopia creator Dennis Kelly set to pen the TV adaptation, Plan B Entertainment (World War Z Moonlight) slated to produce and the Estate of Iain Banks attached as executive producer. The book had been pursued by a number of top film and TV producers.

I think Player of Games would have been a more engaging entry – but I can see why Phlebas is getting first billing, what with the monsters and the trains and the big booms and all.

One thought on “Amazon to Consider Phlebas”

  1. Phlebas is also much more episodic in nature than Player of Games, which could potentially translate better into a series. On the other hand, I think Games is significantly better! Also, I really need to revisit the Culture series.

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