Star Wars, JJ-verse edition

I guess Spielberg is out.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. Cue the half-finished gas-giant-based super weapon with an orbiting planet full of cute aliens, a huge space battle and a climactic light saber battle where Rey defeats Kylo WHO IS HER BROTHER OMFG and then Kylo embraces the light and throws Snoke down a well.

Then again, JJ is coming in late so hopefully the script will have been fixed by the story group and not be as vulnerable to JJ’s flights of fancy, or lens flares.

If it sucks, we can always say it was an alternate universe and go back to Extended Universe for our head canon.

One thought on “Star Wars, JJ-verse edition”

  1. incidentally, if Vader the genocidal, child-murdering, executioner can be redeemed by throwing Palpatine down a hole, then Kylo (who is merely guilty of patricide in comparison) is probably guaranteed redemption.

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