Lando Calrissian at the thrift shop

I saw this meme on my facebook, couldn’t find it again, so recreated it myself.

Lando wearing solo's clothes, looks incredible

If you have children, or listen to the radio for any other reason, then you’ll find this a lot funnier.

actually, this topic is a genuine Thing – Family Guy’s Star Wars episode poked fun at it:

and the canon explanation is apparently that both Lando and Han are from Corellia, where they always dress like that.

As far as why Lucas actually chose this, the Internet says it’s because Harrison Ford wasn’t going to return for Jedi:

There was also a little problem with the cast members at this time. While Mark Hamill & Carrie Fisher had signed to do 3 movies Harrison Ford was only signed to do 2 movies. Ford had made it known to Lucas that he thought the character should die while in Carbon Freeze because thought it would be the perfect ending for the lovable rogue … to go out saving Leia’s life. That might have been why Lucas “dressed” Lando that way … as a transition to him being the “lovable rogue” after Han’s death.

It took a while but Lucas eventually Lucas convinced Ford to do the third movie making Lando wearing Hans clothes a non issue.

So, yeah, those really ARE Solo’s clothes. And he does look incredible 🙂