3 thoughts on “5 min of Space Battleship Yamato”

  1. Nothing good ever comes here, that’s why 🙂

    OK, being slightly facetious. But still, the vast majorityt of great anime I’ve seen has been via torrents. It’s rare that a series is available via netflix.

    Since this Yamato series isn’t even anime, technically, it’s probably even less likely. Then again, I coud be wrong. But browse through my anime archives (click the Anime menu item at the top of the page) and you’ll see a long list of posts I’ve done about series I’ve seen or want to see, and you’ll find that very very few are accessible via non-download means.

  2. Yeah, but I would think since Star Blazers is a known thing from a generation ago, there is a fan base here that wouldn’t exist for a lot of other stuff…

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