the Dalaran portal cataclysm

Note to anyone who hasn’t played World of Warcraft in a while – the Cataclysm has occurred. No, I’m not talking about the emergence of the dragon aspect Deathwing, whose eruption from the elemental plane has rent the continents and reshaped the world; I’m talking about this:

missing portals in Dalaran
the cake is a lie

The portals in Dalaran are gone, partly to encourage players to go out and experience the world. That means that if you have low level alts hearthed in Dalaran, you might be royally screwed… because getting out of Dalaran, and Northrend for that matter, is not exactly a cakewalk.

(tip: check your hearthstone before embarking on an epic run home like Shamus did. You may have been reset to your race/faction’s home city, which means getting out of Dal is trivially easy instead of a major grind.)

Bonus – Deathwing is going to randomly show up in a zone on Azeroth and kill everything and everyone – mobs, players, NPCs, everything. Fun!

7 thoughts on “the Dalaran portal cataclysm”

  1. My main was still hearthed at Dalaran, but my level 39 priest alt was in the middle of Tanaris when her hearth reset to the Exodar. I had to levitate all the way across what used to be 1000 needles (it’s now under water) and then hoof it to Theramore in order to get back to Stormwind, where I was previously hearthed.

    It was epic.

  2. er, I’m confused – why didnt you just hearth to exodar then? (assuming you meant your priest alt)

    and, I’m guessing that the online leveling guides I was using are pretty much defunct now.. 😛

  3. Damn! I have had to suspend play for the near future due to work and other time commitments, but it is sounding like a real blast! 😀

  4. For a bit more fun, the Gnomes now have their own starting area. Unlike the other starting areas, where they’ve nerfed them so there’s nothing dangerous, stuff will actually attack you in the Gnome starting area.

    ‘Course, it’s possible they’ve un-nerfed the other starting areas…

    The troll starting area has also been moved, but I haven’t poked around there yet.

  5. you mean, prior to the cata expansion? Where do gnomes start, out in gnomer somewhere?

    alsoo, hows the guild doing? ill log in and take a look later 🙂

  6. Yes, out in Gnomer.

    They have indeed reworked the starting areas again, so there are some dangerous beasties once more. However, in the NElf area, the spiders that are dangerous again are now confined to the cave; they aren’t wandering about at large, like they used to. I haven’t run the quests to see the details of the changes.

    Don’t know how the guild is doing. I haven’t logged in in quite a while. Between being the only one on and getting some pressure from Mission Control and her friends to play on other servers, it got pushed into the background.

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