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So, is anyone left or am I truly now just shouting into the void? 🙂

Ramadan has ended, and I spent the last ten days quite immersed in its rhythms to the exclusion of all else.

But now, I’m ready to stretch out those cramped unused blogging muscles and start pontificating again! I’ve got a lot of TV to catch up and and look forward to. Fall promises to be exciting with Warehouse 3, SGU, Caprica, Eureka, and of course the return of Dr Who. Plus there’s a few books to read, games to play (well, just the one, really) and even get some anime in there if there still seems to be enough time.

missed this place 🙂

PS – hey Ubu, with regards to this, that’s actually my doing. Nick has the links 🙂 I did invent the term, after all…

also, there’s a search engine, too.

6 thoughts on “back to the here and now”

  1. Actually, Dragon Quest 9 has been the all-consuming time-sink…it’s a marvelously addicting game, given that I’ve played it for 70 hours and am not done yet.

    Plus, gardening. The almighty is the ultimate game designer, ya know?

  2. I’m still here. I’m back on Eureka and decided to give Warehouse 13 another shot. And the latest word is that Cataclysm is going to drop on November 2.

  3. One of the things I love about W13 is the sheer Americana of it all! I love the way that artifacts are so often drawn from American history, legend, and folk tales. Its not exclusively American, but it’s enough. Its just such a fun ride.

  4. Heh, sorry about the mistake… I’d wondered briefly if it was you, but thought, ‘noooooo, he goes by “Fledgeling Otaku” doesn’t he?’ Of course, after this long, I think you’re qualified to turn in your fledgling badge…

    1. no worries 🙂 Since my posting is so erratic now I can’t expect everyone to have read obscure posts on meta-identity issues from months ago!

      I do hope the twitter thing is driving traffic. There rae several hundred followers and all of them see direct links to our blogs. Its intended to funnel readers to the blogs, not the other way around. I see quite a lot of referrals here from there, myself.

  5. Well, I’d need to provide a bit more content. It’s not that I’ve nothing to say, I’m just not motivated to say it at the length and quality that justifies a post. Anyone can do one-line snarks; not everyone can write (worthy and informative) enough on a series to warrant using 1,000 words. Um. That sounds like I need to be on Twitter… “Kurrogane no Linebarrels” or “Face Heel Turn no Linebarrels?” u decide!

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