Sprint Evo 4G on June 4th for $199

Sprint Evo 4G
The Sprint Evo 4G
Just got an email from Sprint – the amazing Evo 4G is coming out on June 4th, for $199. This is one of my 4 most-wanted gadgets.

Recall Engadget’s hands-on review:

The handset is centered around a 480 x 800 4.3-inch TFT LCD, with a Snapdragon QSD8650 1GHz processor under the hood (the CDMA version of the QSD8250 in the HD2 and Nexus One), and even a helpful 1GB of built-in memory and 512MB of RAM — hello app storage! Even the battery is bigger than the HD2, and the camera is an 8 megapixel monstrosity with flash, that’s capable of 720p video, and is augmented by a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera for good measure. The phone features HDMI out (though you’ll need an adapter for turning it into a TV-familiar HDMI plug), 802.11b/g WiFi, and an 8GB microSD card. There’s that still-rare Android 2.1 underneath an updated version of HTC’s Sense UI. But… despite all these wild features, what actually sets the EVO 4G apart is the fact that it’s Sprint’s first 4G phone. The handset runs a combo of EV-DO Rev. A and WiMAX, with calls still being made over CDMA and the EV-DO / WiMAX options for data.

UPDATE: I beat all the big tech blogs to the punch with this news 🙂 But there’s more detail about the phone coming out now, including the fact that Qik will be providing an app for two-way video chat. Also, Gizmodo has the press release and notes that 4G will cost an extra $10/month, and the tethering an extra $30/month. Ouch, but still yummy.

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