PSA: Sony Ericsson is not giving you a new laptop

This is a public service announcement. No corporate company is going to give you thousands of dollars in hardware or software just because you forwarded an email around. In fact, no company can even track how many people you forwarded email to. It is impossible for a company to know this. It would be stupid for them to give you free stuff. So no, Microsoft is not giving you money, BMW is not giving you a car, and (the latest in this sort of garbage), Sony Ericsson is not giving you a T18 laptop. In fact, the T18 is a cell phone, not a laptop!

The attached image to these annoying emails is below the fold for your derision and mockery.

See more information on the hoax at Also, Sony Ericsson has a denial on their web site. Here’s another disclaimer from them about the hoax, too.


2 thoughts on “PSA: Sony Ericsson is not giving you a new laptop”

  1. Anachronda’s got it. Poor Anna will be deluged with this nonsense now and much hate mail later.

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