reading material

Two new blogs to watch –

Ogiue Maniax – there’s no paucity of intelligent analysis on anime, but for some reason this stands out from the crowded field.

Schoolgirl Milky Crisis – insider commentary on the anime industry, with the most hilarious title ever. I must take serious issue though with his utterly ludicrous insinuation that Whisper of the Heart was superior to The Cat Returns.

I also enjoyed this old (1978) essay from Philip K. Dick, now available online, entitled “How to Build a Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later.” PKD was always fascinated by teh nature of reality and the question of what is authentically human (He would have been a fan of Galactica, for sure). In this essay he wanders around the question of what is reality for real, rather than just what is reality in fiction. It is a strange read, and an intimate one.