is it just me, or does the otakusphere seem filled with political posts these past few weeks?

I am not knocking anyone’s choice of blogging subject material, but I am finding it harder to use the otakusphere as my release valve for the bitter and divided one-sidedness of the poli-sphere (left and right alike). I am not above that fray – in fact I am actively and proudly a partisan myself – but one of the great things about the otakusphere is that it is one of the few common grounds left on which we can meet our putative idoelogical opponents on without acrimony.

At any rate the solution is simple; if you don’t like what others are writing about, don’t read it. But I am looking forward to this election season being over so we can all go back to discussing the important things.

4 thoughts on “grumble”

  1. I have noted the same on just about every blog. I read many blogs about tech and the like, they are now obsessed by the elections.

    The painfull thing is, this will cost them readers. If you are someone who writes about everything, well fine. But the niche bloggers and webcomicers forget that some of their readers might like their stuff but have different political stance. So they are turning some of their readers into enemies, make them feel unwelcome…

    And often they defend themselves with: “its my blog, i can do what i like” and they are right. But they can’t expect to keep their readers and prestige.

  2. Indeed Chris. I’ve stopped reading a few blogs because the political posts started taking over. To be fair, though, many of them were general blogs, not tech- or anime-specific blogs.

    Well, I have to go do some post-hurricane cleanup.

  3. If anything, it expresses how important the current state of affairs is for some. But I try my best to keep my thoughts about politics away from my anime blog in order to save them for a more appropriate venue. Course, I haven’t decided where that venue would be yet. 😛

    And I’m still going to read the blogs even if I don’t agree with the political views of people that write them. Chizumatic and Ani-nouto are two good examples of that. 😛

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