Seven songs

I was tagged by Willow, to list seven songs I am into right now. In no particular order:

Hail to the Geek by Deaf Pedestrians
Unwell by Matchbox Twenty
Into the Ocean by Blue October
The Ballad of Serenity (Main Theme)
All Along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix
The Adventure by Angels & Airwaves
Wish Upon A Dog Star by Satellite Party

I am weighted towards recent songs, mainly because I only really got back into music this past year. I still rarely listen to music, mainly just in teh car, and since moving to Marshfield I don’t do that much daily driving.

I am supposed to tag others with this meme, but I’d rather just invite anyone to list their seven in comments.

UPDATE: Don and Mark chime in – and since Friday was List Day, Mark’s doing a Heist Movie theme, too. Don thoughtfully provided MP3s, shaming me, as I was originally gonna put YouTube links in, but I got lazy.

2 thoughts on “Seven songs”

  1. Seven songs I’m currently into, eh? I’ll bite:

    1) Avalon – Roxy Music
    2) Her Eyes – Pat Monahan
    3) Ladies and Gentlemen – Saliva
    4) Weapons of Mass Distortion – Crystal Method
    5) Blood and Roses – The Smithereens
    6) Alsatia – Galneryus
    7) The Awakening (Quake Mix) – Matt Darey

    Except for #6, which is the OP for Mnemosyne, there’s surprisingly little anime music in my rotation right now… at least, on the face of it. But that little teaser must stay a secret for the moment.

  2. Duck, have you heard of I think I’ll create a mux and share it, I encourage you (and everyone else) to do teh same.

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