Cylons, meet your creator

The casting for Caprica, the prequel series to Galactica, is ongoing, and they’ve just cast the inventor of the metalhead Cylons.

I have no idea how seriously they are going to take continuity with this new series. Let’s assume they will take it seriously. If so, then… (spoiler alert)

… This guy can’t really be the creator of the Cylons. At least, not the skinjob ones, who we are told arose from the metalheads after the Cylon war, but the Final Five clearly predate them all. And, the Final Five are connected to Earth, and were revealed in the temple of the Five which was built as a signpost for the children of Kobol to go back to Earth. All of which is just my roundabout way of saying, I don’t buy the argument that the skinjobs came from the metalheads as we have been told.

Perhaps, and this is where I trip out, the answer lies in the idea that “all of this has happenned before and will happen again.” What if, the Colonists, the children of Kobol, are actually skinjobs from a previous generation? The timeline would then go like this:

– Earth colonizes Kobol
– Kobol creates Cylons (metalheads)
– A Cylon War in which Cylons revolt, go off and return as skinjobs
– Skinjobs exterminate Kobol’s humans v1.0, displacing the Monotheist God with the 12 God religion.
– Some humans escape to Earth.
– Skinjobs are now effectively humans v2.0 and settle the 12 colonies, one for each God.

The cycle begins anew, with new metalheads, and new skinjobs and a swap of religion again.

This is very hazy in my head but I wonder if the rest of you might be able to help me flesh it out a bit.