vengeance upon den Beste

you know the reason I started this blog was because a certain someone got me addicted – and I mean ADDICTED – to Haibane Renmei. Steven wasn’t content to hit me with that alone, though – I also got a triple bolus of Sugar Snow Fairy and Someday’s Dreamers to course like crack through my fledgling otaku mind.

Now he has done it again. I was actually done with Ranma. I suffered through the first disc and swore off it for good. Then along comes SDB, reviews a few episodes, and i decide well, maybe, just maybe I should give it another chance.

Behold what his machinations have wrought. I actually enjoyed the Martial Arts Figure Skating arc. I thought Asuza was hilarious. I thought the plot of the Ramen / Delivery Martial Arts episode was clever and was genuinely surprised when (and this is no spoiler) Ranma has to step in for Akane. I am 5 minutes into the Cat Phobia episode, and realized I was enjoying it far too much for any reasonable standard of sanity. All of this, while SDB actually claims burnout! Diabolical fiend!

What the hell. I’m going to find some manner of revenge. I’m going to get Steven to watch Robotech. You’ve been duly warned, old man.

9 thoughts on “vengeance upon den Beste”

  1. Unfortunately, it all goes to hell once Happosai shows up. I’m coming to the conclusion that the first three disks of the second season are the high point of the series.

  2. Robotech is a mecha, so I think you’ve got an awfully tall mountain to climb here. Also, in the end he’ll give it one star (like Azumanga). Is this what you want?


    And to add to the misery, someday I hope to repay you for hooking me on Mushi-shi.

    I feel like a crack addict praying they make a second season of that show. …must have more…. MORE!

  4. well, if I can just get him to watch, I don’t care what star rating he gives. As far as luring him, I think that mention of the bath scene with minmei, or the numerous shots of Lisa on the bridge, from below, might prove tempting.

    And of course we are treated to that scene with the Zentraedi female. 50 feet tall!

    Bear, what can i say? It’s the Great Circle of Anime. 🙂

  5. well….it’s mecha but there is a lot of kawaii too.
    and drama like lin min-mei’s doomed tragic relationship with her drunkard cousin lin kyle.

    brings it all back
    i usta watch that before school with my brothers when i was little.

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