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yumeNew Someday’s Dreamers series to begin this summer!

According to Moonphase, a new Someday’s Dreamers, (a.k.a. Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto), series has been greenlit for production and is set to begin later this summer season…

The new series is entitled, “Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~.” A formal announcement, according to this 2ch thread, will be made in the latest issue of Shounen Ace magazine — on sale March 26.

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  1. Hopefully it’s an original story about Yume, and isn’t based on the novels or manga that are merely set in the same world.


  2. were they no good? I havent read any. I have to admit to being excited, SD is on my top 5 list of all anime seen thus far. y 5yr old daughter, who was 3 at the time, would stand and sing to the OP 🙂

  3. The original manga was only about 9 chapters. It’s available as a single volume in R1. It doesn’t tell very much of a story, frankly, and for the TV series they changed it quite a lot.

    Among other things, the Kera character is all new. Angela is a lot less important of a character in the manga. Ginpun is a woman. The ending is subtly different. Same basic idea, but turned on its head. (I can’t go into details without massive spoilers.)

    And the last couple of chapters take place after the events shown in the last anime episode.

    Unless the original mangaka brought the series back, which is entirely possible but not something I expect, then this would be an entirely new story. I wonder what it will be about?

    I kind of thought there might be a special, a one-off, which would pretty much be Melinda and Masami getting married, but if they’re doing an entirely new series then that’s not what (or at least the only thing) it will be about. Anyway, if they were inclined to do a special like that, they’d have done it already.

    This is pretty exciting news!

  4. I seem to recall reading somewhere – at Chizumatic? – that Yume was more, ahem, mature in the manga also.

    I think spoilers are fair game in the comment thread, Steven – let er rip. ahem SPOILER ALERT! 🙂 I for one am quite curious to know in what direction the story goes.

  5. OK, then. Yume in the manga is gorgeous. That’s the biggest difference in the art. She is proportioned to look taller, and she has a nicer figure. They changed her in the anime to make her more cute than beautiful, and smaller.

    Her power isn’t quite as earth-shattering in the manga. In the anime she’s clearly presented as one of the most powerful mages to ever live. In the manga, she’s strong but not world class.

    The bureaucracy isn’t a stifling in the manga. Mages are permitted to use magic pretty routinely without having to file reports. And there are no rings.

    In the manga, Yume loses heart most of the way through her apprenticeship and goes home. A chapter is spent where Ginpun goes to her home, and Ginpun and Etsuko help Yume get it together.

    The ending is the big change. Yume uses her magic to permit Masami to talk to Takako. And Takako does show Masami scenes of what it would be like if Takako had lived and Masami had died. BUT, what she shows him is her acting the way he’s been acting, wallowing in self-pity and self-blame, wasting her life in melancholy, pondering suicide.

    The feel of the scene is different. In the anime Takako shows him how he should behave. In the manga, she punishes him for what he’s actually been doing. It’s the difference between a hug and a slap in the face. I liked it better the way the anime did it.

    The last chapter of the manga is about Yume and Junko, her friend back home. Junko is sweet on a guy, and Yume uses her magic to arrange a meet-cute so they can get close. (In the anime, something self-serving like that would have gotten Yume tossed in jail.)

    Angela is a lot less important character in the manga, and Kera isn’t in the manga at all. The manga is so short that there wasn’t enough material to fill even a 12-ep series. So they created a whole lot of new material for the anime — more, in fact, than they borrowed from the manga. The majority of the anime story is new. And the characters are a lot more fleshed out.

  6. On the AnimeNFO link, masahiko did correct my thought about it being based on the second manga:

    The new anime is titled “魔法遣いに大切なこと ~夏のソラ~”(Maho Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~ Natsu no Sora~)”. It seems to be based on the manga with the same title that has just started serialization from the latest issue of Monthly Shonen Ace. It is the third serialization.

    *) Sora of the title has double meaning, the name of the protagonist and the sky.

    So it looks like it is a third manga, probably not involving Yume.

  7. oh boy.

    Here Nami and her friends reside in the world of magic, mixed feelings, missunderstanding, unrequited love, hate and passion to realize where they all belong.

    Maybe it is time to dial down the enthusiasm a bit. oh well.

  8. That’s the second manga, not the third one that Nick is talking about. No clue yet what the third one is about.

    But if that’s what the anime series turns out to be like, then it will be utter crap.

  9. Quoting ANN today: “…all three of the new projects focus on a character named Sora, a budding mage learning to use her powers in Tokyo”. So, not the high-school romangst of the second manga series, but not Yume, either.


  10. What was best about Someday’s Dreamers was that it was about magic, and how it affects the lives of people who can use it, and those they use it on.

    The single best thing they did was to stay on subject all the way. So Yume had no romantic interest. (Not even the soccer guy.) I really hope they do the same this time, but I bet not. What I bet is they split the difference between the previous two mangas. Which would still be crap.

  11. well, if the writing team is the same, that would be a good sign. Let’s see. Even splitting the differemce would mean halfway there. Maybe some secondary characters will cameo.

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