Dennou Coil 2

Some screenshots from episode 2.

dennou coil 2

Sort of a cute and fuzzy Maximillian. well, shiny, not fuzzy. I love that smiley face.

dennou coil 2

Reki! already my favorite character.

dennou coil 2

Tribbles! Man this is the best series ever.

dennou coil 2

There are exactly two anime I’ve seen where children aged 3-4 were portrayed with any accuracy. Totoro was one, and this is another. Poop.

dennou coil 2

I use tis face all the time. And I got my fair share of it as a kid.

I am having a blast. It’s like watching Shingu.

2 thoughts on “Dennou Coil 2”

  1. I do need to get the soundtrack for this series. So fun and playful and way too appropriate for this anime. In terms of technical aspects, I found Dennou Coil to be one of the best series I’ve seen, and it stays consistent throughout the whole run (heck, even in the OP and EP. The animation isn’t superbly better than the series itself!).

    The only consternation I have is some very minor issues with the ending, but the series is so much fun as a whole, I also can’t wait for it to come out in Region 1.

    On my blog, I called this series a “children’s anime”, and I stand by that statement. But it’s a children’s animation done right. If I had children of age, this would be a series I’d sit down and watch with them.

    Now I have an urge to point and yell “unchi!” at everything. Hmm, maybe the series isn’t a good role model for young children…

  2. grin – i almost tagged these posts “unchi” 🙂

    hey Nick do leave a link to your posts on Dennou coil in the comments!

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